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[edit] Products

We are closely working with educators, trainers, language specialists and young learners to develop educational activities-

[edit] Community Services

[edit] Projects

[edit] Programming Notes and Practices

Ashita Dadlani, Software Engineer, Products and Services at SEETA, wish to share programming notes and key practices with the community followed during the course of software development. We look forward to your visit to this section.

If you have notes and practices to share, which you have found useful during your software engineering experience, we would be glad to learn from you, and wish to provide you with a platform to share this with the community here. We welcome your participation.

[edit] Community News

[edit] Interesting Initiative by TeachingOpenSource POSSE

POSSE Singapore is a bootcamp designed to immerse professors in open source projects, with the commitment that each participating professor bring their classes into open source project participation over the next school year. It is a part of the Professors' Open Source Summer Experience program; more details on the program are available here.

[edit] Google Summer of Code 2011

[edit] Project Ideas

If you are a developer, and interested in picking up a project, please visit Sugar-Devel Lounge.

[edit] Notes from the Field

We are working on developing an active grassroots community program - Notes from the Field.