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SEETA - Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities

Mission & Vision

Living is learning. Learning is living.

We define learning as a compound formed by three elements-

  1. Education – learning from ones’ physical, social and spiritual environment;
  2. Training – how to learn learning ;
  3. Entertainment – learning should always be fun, “happy learning”.

We have a very simple vision statement- '“Engineer and Deploy Interactive Platforms to Enable and Cherish Learning”.'


Education Goals

Our products are useful only to the extent they are used by the learning community. Thus, SEETA is working with educators, parents and language translators around the world to focus on these learning challenges:

  • To make our learning platform and activities readily available to learners everywhere.
  • To explore and share best tools and practices.
  • To help develop curriculum and training material for mathematics, engineering and sciences.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and support for technology and development for learning.
  • To provide mechanism for evaluation and dissemination of results.
  • To help foster entrepreneurship and community leadership.

Technical Goals

SEETA supports the notions that learners should “share by default” and be able to “explore, express, debug, and critique.” The organization will focus on solving the challenges that are relevant to these aspects of the interface, namely:

  • To make it “simple” to share activities. This will require an architecture that allows discovery of activities.
  • To create versions of software activities that run on multiple operating systems and on multiple hardware platforms. It should be “simple” to install our projects everywhere. Specifically, it means packaging for every distribution and every virtual machine—removing hardware-related dependencies wherever possible.
  • To make it “simple” to extend SEETA activities. This necessitates stable APIs and example code that uses these APIs.
  • To make SEETA activities even more secure. Our principal user community is comprised of children; they must be protected from all forms of malware, phishing and botnets.
  • To provide accessibility support in every activity.

Community Goals

SEETA is here to support community innovation, learning, and enterprise. SEETA would like to help community members start projects that help sustain and grow the learning communities:

  • To provide local and regional technical and pedagogical support.
  • To create new learning tools and pedagogical practice.
  • To provide localization and internationalization of software, content, and documentation.
  • To provide integration and customization services.
  • To liason with local communities to develop software infrastructure that could help towards meeting with the local needs of community.

Products and Services


We are closely working with educators, trainers, language specialists and young learners to develop educational activities-


Contact Us

  • Mailing List : discuss[AT]seeta[DOT]in
  • IRC Channel  : #seeta at FreeNode.
  • Live Chat on IRC : Webirc
  • Email  : community[AT]seeta[DOT]in

More About Us

We have been associated with a number of organizations to help achieve our collective vision by building interactive learning software activities and platforms.



Community Friends

Support Groups

We have an active support community comprising of educators, parents, quality assurance engineers and localization experts, who help us in the software development in all phases. These groups are based out of-

  • India - Delhi, Mumbai
  • U.S. - Boston
  • Colombia- OLPC Colombia