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[edit] Gardner Pilot Academy

[edit] About

The Gardner Pilot Academy is the flagship full-service community school within the Boston Public Schools (B.P.S.). The school's vision is to educate the minds and develop the characters of all students in partnership with families and community. To achieve this G.P.A. provides high quality teaching along with a range of social, emotional and enrichment programs delivered by means of partnerships with an array of community organizations and individuals. Over the past twelve years, G.P.A. has developed strong associations with four universities, several health and mental health agencies, the YMCA, and various organizations teaching visual and performing arts. As one of just 20 pilot schools in the B.P.S., G.P.A. is exempt from district mandates. Therefore, G.P.A. has autonomy in the areas of budget and personnel, along with the freedom to implement innovative curricula, assessments, and interventions.

[edit] Student Diversity

Located in a culturally and linguistically varied section of Boston, the G.P.A. serves quite a diverse student population. G.P.A.'s 336 students and their families speak more than 13 languages ranging from Spanish to Khmer (all of which are supported by Sugar). Demographically, 15.2% are African American, 59.1% are Hispanic, 10.7% are White and 13.1% are Asian.

[edit] Location

Few blocks away from Harvard Business School.

[edit] Sugar on a Stick Pilot Project

The Gardner Pilot Academy is partnering with Solution Grove and Sugar Labs to pilot Sugar on a Stick.

[edit] Notes by Caroline Meeks