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We at SEETA (Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities) believe that trust and cooperation cannot be surged, and that cooperation-based organizations and civic societies are a far more efficient way towards solving issues of scale - poverty, peace and health. This trust requires time and repeated interactions to evolve. Interactions, which may be as simple as having tea or going for an evening walk together, but build up trust over time, a key ingredient to cooperation based organizations and civic societies.

Welcome to ScalableC, an on-line platform to share ideas, develop project blueprints and designs, and organize information and content through videos, audios, images and blogs for individuals, civil societies, governments and organizations. Our aim is to develop trust and collaboration among cooperation based organizations and civic societies to help do things at a larger scale by providing a platform for building up a collaborative learning eco-system.

ScalableC is right now in its pre-alpha stage. There are two kinds of accounts - organizational and individual accounts. Individual accounts are currently available on invitation only. If we would like to receive an invitation, please request for an invite here . For an organizational account, a member needs to be registered at ScalableC, and should be an affiliate of that organization to create its account. The member, who creates the organizational account for ScalableC, will be its on-line moderator and the point source of contact for the I.T. team of ScalableC for all matters. He/she can invite other members of the organization at ScalableC, and give them privileges to upload content at the organization's page.

You can upload, watch and share videos, images, audios; create blogs; develop project blueprints and designs; send and receive e-mail; and start an on-line group/community all at one platform as an individual or as an organization.

We give strong emphasis towards education and learning, and a number of videos on using Sugar (One Laptop Per Child project's software paradigm) have been uploaded at ScalableC. Please share your feedback and ideas with us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A number of content writers have started blogging about using Sugar on a Stick activities at ScalableC.
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Friday, 23 February 2018

Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activiities

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