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Deducto is a learning activity aimed towards improving childrens’ skills to deducing logic through pattern recognition.


The idea behind Deducto was put forth by Walter Bender, founder of Sugar Labs, and former Executive Director at MIT Media Labs. It conforms to Sugar's cardinal objective of educating children and helping them grow intellectually by stimulating their logical thinking.

How to play Deducto?

Deducto consists of 10 levels each based on a unique permutation. The user is presented with a 5*5 square board of white and black boxes placed in a unique arrangement symbolizing a unique logic engineered for that particular level. The user is asked to identify the logic behind that arrangement of black and white boxes. Arrangement of boxes in the board according to the logic refers to “True Board”, while every other arrangement not following the pre-defined logic refers to “False Board”. “SAMPLE” tab helps the user identify the arrangement and deduce logic about “True Board” and “False Board” for the corresponding level in the game. Clicking on the “Resume” tab helps the user switch to and fro between the activity and the samples corresponding to that level.

Submission of an answer as a “Yes” after identifying whether the board is a “True Board” or a “No” in case of a “False Board” changes users’ efficiency to identify permutations correctly. If the user is able to submit five consecutive correct answers, he/she is promoted to the next level.

The user can also design a new Deducto game, and ask his/her friends, or students to play the activity created by him/her using “Create your game” feature.

For detailed information on this product, please visit the wiki page 
To download the activity, please click here.


We look forward to hearing about your experiences with Deducto and receiving game levels created by you using design your own game feature at deducto<at>seeta<dot>in.


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Friday, 23 February 2018

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