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Aspiring Citizens is an educational project to solve hunger crisis by collaborative, joyful and self-empowered learning.







We believe that all the problems that we face today can be solved by team effort, which needs a collaborative platform as its base. Our project is both a classroom tool, and an outside classroom activity. Collaboration is as ubiquitous as the formal or informal learning environment permits. We are proposing a new kind of an educational solution, an “expanded school” which grows well beyond the walls of the classroom. And last but not least this collaboration ensures a dialogue among generations, nations and cultures. The connectivity will be every language, will be spoken in the Aspiring Citizens project.

Comprised of 8 mini-games or “missions”, the game takes young players from an initial crisis assessment through to delivery and distribution of food aid, with each sequential mission addressing a particular aspect of this challenging process.


What can Aspiring Citizens teach?
The various Aspiring Citizens missions demonstrate and help explain the following learning themes:

Solving hunger -

  1. What is hunger?
  2. Finding the hungry
  3. Solving hunger by balanced distribution and inventory

Crisis management - Taking occurrence of earthquake as the use-
Shelter – Identifying vacant spaces and accessibility to water and
food followed by building huts from bricks, mortar and cement
Building schools for adults and children – Education and learning
how to learn learning is the solution.
Agriculture and harvesting– Agriculture is the source of consistent
Community Trading – Trading is absolutely fundamental to any



Who is Aspiring Citizens for?


Aspiring Citizens is designed for children aged 6-16 years. Each mission’s gameplay is unique in order to maximize the game’s appeal to a variety of ages and learning levels.


Video Preview 

Aspiring Citizens Preview Video 

 For detailed information on the product, please visit our Wiki Page.

The trial version of the application will be released shortly. 


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Friday, 23 February 2018

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